Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)

About this course


The main tenets of resource management relate to the non-technical skills associated with the social interaction between team members, situation awareness and decision-making. This is a high fidelity, complex, simulated working environment.


The course covers:


  • The systems approach
  • Safety of operations
  • Environmental issues
  • Co-operation and teamwork
  • Situational awareness management
  • Decision-making
  • Human factors and human error
  • Crisis management and human behaviour
  • Leadership and workload management
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Identification of and breaking error chains
  • Efficient use of resources and delegation
  • Communications
  • Planning and prioritising
  • Identification of cause of problem and timely correct response
  • Methodical and logical approach to fault diagnosis and problem solving
  • Identification and justification of 'assumptions'
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Contingency planning



Note: In June 2010, the IMO Diplomatic Conference in Manila approved amendments to part A of the STCW Code, including the addition of the competence in Table A-III/2 of 'Use leadership and managerial skills'. The learning objectives of the engine room resource management course delivered at Warsash cover all of the requirements of the STCW amendments in relation to effective resource management. The course syllabus/material is relevant, current and appropriate and reflects industry best practice.


This course is company-specific and can be booked on demand. It will accommodate a maximum of four and a minimum of three officers from the same company. The course works best with a team of varied ranks and we recommend a complete engine room team of Chief Engineer, first/second engineer, second/third engineer and third/fourth engineer.


Course start dates


Please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Team for availability.


How to book

Please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Team if you require more information about this course:

Tel: +62 24 844 6272

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Our office hours are (Jakarta time):
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5 days


Basic computer knowledge.


Director General of Sea Transportation


100% attendance, written and practical assessment.
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