Bridge Resource Management

This course will benefit all members of the deck department and is suitable for personnel serving on all types of vessels including large yachts.

It is designed to meet the bridge resource management requirements detailed in Table A-II/I of the 2010 Manila amendments to the STCW Convention and Code.

Delegates attending the course will have the opportunity to consider their role in the working environment and benefit from a range of tools and techniques aimed at ensuring effective performance. 

The course is company specific, requiring a minimum of 15, up to a maximum of 18 candidates attending.

Subject areas include:

  • Situational awareness: How to acquire and maintain situational awareness and understand the factors that can result in its decline and its central role in reducing accidents and increasing safety margins. 
  • Communication: How to recognise and apply best practice in communication and be aware of barriers to communication and how these may adversely affect situational awareness. Recognition of interpersonal style and the appropriate development of assertiveness in a bridge environment. 
  • Culture: How to recognise and respond to cultural issues, covering cultural awareness and bias including national, organisational, departmental and personal cultural approaches.
  • Leadership and Team Work: How to identify appropriate leadership styles and effective team working; situational leadership and the understanding of team dynamics.
  • Workload: How to understand where your role fits in the shipboard environment and how to manage the priorities that arise from it. Recognising stressors, how stress and fatigue may affect you and your colleagues and identifying coping mechanisms.


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